Welcome to Webroot

What is Webroot SecureAnywhere?

Usually, cybersecurity solutions are known for their complicated and time-consuming setup procedures. However, webroot safe understands that complicated procedures can ruin the overall user experience. As such, it devised a simple, user-friendly deployment method that doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge or expertise.

Different Types of Webroot Software

  1. Webroot Antivirus: Most Useful for Home And Business purposes for all operating system Android, IOS, Windows, Linux Etc. This is Common Antivirus Software with Subscription for 1 year and 3 years.

  2. Webroot Internet Security Plus: This is great Advanced Software which protect the internet from all the intrusion, Malware, Trojan and All other online threats.

  3. Webroot Security Complete: This great software for Mac, windows, android, IOS, linux and smartphone to give full protection from your social media accounts, emails account your password and banking details etc.

Precautions for Webroot Setup

  1. High-Speed Internet Connectivity: It requires a stable, high-speed broadband connection for the smooth setup of “www.webroot.com/safe”. It is required particularly for the webroot download and activation process. Therefore, you must connect your device to an uninterrupted, high-speed broadband connection.

  2. Webroot Product Activation Key: Moreover, you must have your subscription keycode. It is proof of your purchase and is valid till the time your license is active. You can use a single webroot keycode for securing multiple devices as per your subscription.

  3. Delete Pre-Installed Antivirus: Apart from that, you must ensure that your system is free from any pre-installed security software. This means that you should uninstall any security software on your device from webroot or any third party.

  4. Meet System Requirements: Above all, ensure that your system meets the specified requirements.